Welcome to my blog. This is a place where I will share some of my crazy ideas, my thoughts and my fantasies. It is not very easy for me to do, so I will take it in small steps and the first outing, I would really like to challenge myself and try to become a writer, an author even. I do however find that idea to be laughable right now. But, practice makes perfect some say. I say, I like to write, and this is an experience in sharing what I write to see if someone else likes it.

So what will I write? Well, I can tell you right off the bat that I may write stuff you find uncomfortable, maybe a bit too simplified? Naughty, dirty, sassy, funny or even crass? For me, writing isn’t about reflecting 1:1 but rather a thought provoking process of challenging your own perception, shortcomings and sometimes lack of understanding. In the process of writing, having to look up information, really have to go deep into what other characters might think, say and act are always reflection of how you interpret these things. The outcome, could as well be a wishful thinking as a warning, or a simple deduction of happenstance coming to a halt.

My favorite genres are fantasy, urban fantasy, horror and supernatural. In these genres I love to put different people and concepts into a world of imagination,changing the pre-defined rules or social conventions around areas just to explore or to mimic them. Some of my stories will be much of introspection. My own faults and problems spread out over different characters in either an attempt to attack my own problems in a different way, or simply give myself a good kicking. So, well, I guess you could expect pretty much anything?

For now, I will have comments for anyone wanting to chip in or say hi, or this is crap, this is great or give your ideas, helpful feedback or whatever. If things backfire, there simply won’t be comments anymore.

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