PICASSO PS975, fine, fountain pen review

The pen takes International short cartridges, can most likely be fitted with a international converter, but that might shape it to not fit a normal international feed afterwards. So, it is akin to that Chinese way of international standard, there feed nipple that the converter/cartridge stick to - is just slightly larger than the international pens elsewhere. The can be posted and posts pretty securely. The pen is rather slim and lightweight.

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Moonman mini, EF bent nib and glass dip fountain pen

It is a pocket fountain pen much like the Wancai, but is slimmer and takes converter (included). It still needs to be screwed apart and then the cap goes onto the barrel making the pen into a full length pen. This is very much the approach of many EDC (Every Day Carry) pens. This one has a twist that it can remove the fountain pen nib unit and screw in a nib unit with a glass dip nib instead. The nib needs to be dipped, so no cartridges or converters for this one. I don't find how that would be beneficial for EDC carry, but might be nice if you use a glass dip pen for your artistic work perhaps?

TRAVELERS Brass fountain pen

I bought this pen from a fellow fountain pen user on Facebook. Hard to say if it was used even once, and came in new condition. Right off the bat, I found the nib to be OK for downwards and left to right strokes, but in opposite it was a scratchy nib. The tines looked OK and the material felt OK. The nib just didn't want to work well. I changed the nib to an EF Bock nib I had lying around, and it fit very well. My experience with a scratchy nib is unfortunately common for me, but many users of this pen say theirs are just fine or even great. Please note that I am going to refer to this pen both with the new Bock- and the old -nib in the following review.

Laban Mento fountain pen F “Tiger Tornado”

Bought this some time ago, but had only inked it once before. I liked it then and had a memory of it being a rather nice pen and that it was smooth, but a bit finnicky nib. The Laban fountain pens comes from Taiwan and makes well liked fountain pens. I for one like the fountain pens, but with a bit of caveat, their nibs tends in my experience to be a bit of a hit or not that great. Not bad, but a bit scratchy and very sensitive to manipulation of any kind. This fountain pen is a thick roundish fountain pen at a low weight and a friction fit #6 nib. It is international standard and comes with a converter. My pen's color scheme is aptly called Tiger Tornado.

Jinhao 51A red acrylic fountain pen F

Jinhao 51A - Classical shaped fountain pen in that hooded cigar shape. Acrylic body and some metallic cap, ordinary hard plastic grip section and a standard #5 nib. Not hooded, the comparison to the Parker pen seems far fetched so far. It uses the included Jinhao converter and feed which in my experience means that international cartridges will work, and so will converters, but once used on the Jinhao they won't work on other pens using the international standard since the Jinhao seems to be ever a little teensy-weensy bit bigger, thus increasing the opening and ruing the converter for use with other pens.