Tibaldi Bononia Seashell Mist, Fine

Tibaldi is an old classic pen manufacturer from Florence Italy, now located in Bassano del Grappa. After my Modello 60 pen from Bononia I was really pleasantly surprised, and seeing a new cigar shaped pen, I had to buy it. The pen is this time slightly larger than normal pens, like the LAMY or Metropolitan. The pen posts and becomes really long. The pen comes with two cartridges and a converter.

PICASSO PS975, fine, fountain pen review

The pen takes International short cartridges, can most likely be fitted with a international converter, but that might shape it to not fit a normal international feed afterwards. So, it is akin to that Chinese way of international standard, there feed nipple that the converter/cartridge stick to - is just slightly larger than the international pens elsewhere. The can be posted and posts pretty securely. The pen is rather slim and lightweight.