OPUS88 Bela Bold nib, Red

What is big, bulbous, red, having swirls pattern and a big black clip? Well, it's the OPUS88 Bela pen. For a long time, I was dubious to get this pen. I do like OPUS88 pens, just in general, I do like them but this pen was a bit offish. At the first time I didn't really like the form of the pen and the Bock nib sounded dangerous to me. A mix of bad experience with Bock nibs and in general just not being overly hyped played against getting one. Then, I got a few pens with really nicely tuned Bock nibs, and I thought that I wanted a different pen with a change from the sometimes stiff and dry Jowo nibs. Yeah, the latest experiences always clouds your mind. Or sorry, I meant of course - clouds my mind. So, here I am, a big red OPUS88 Bela in my hands...

Stipula Etruria Gallicana Fountain Pen Notte di San Lorenzo – Nib Size : V-Flex

Maybe it is partly for my affection for Italian food, coffee or the fact that my mom always spoke so passionately about Italy that I have a fondness for Italian names. I mean, come on! Stipula Etruria Gallicana Fountain Pen Notte di San Lorenzo - Nib Size : V-Flex - That's an impressive name, even in my own fake Italian accent. I can make out a few things about the name, I can make out a few things considering the other parts as well. Stipula, another brand I have been really intrigued by and wanting to try out. Notte - night - the pen should be dark. V-Flex - a flex pen, seriously? And I who am not a flex guy?

Franklin-Christoph Model 03 Iterum – Ghost & Smoke

Franklin-Christoph model 03 Iterium is a medium sized straight pen, with flat slightly rounded ends, an hourglass shaped grip and a #6 nib. The Ghost and Smoke is a milky semi-translucent material. Barrel, cap and grip is the same material and no metal except for the clip. The cap finial has a darkened middle, that's all. The number 6 nib is in polished steel with a small FC logo. The pen is middle of the runt size and handling I would say. Fits most people since it isn't large nor small. Franklin-Christoph pens are best bought straight from their webpage and you can see whether your preferred model is in stock or sold out.