Badlydrawnwolf -> Sketchywolf

So, this journey took a different route. I started out with an idea to challenge my anxious self about my writing and sharing some of my texts. I never truly got comfortable with that and instead used this blog to post about another hobby - pens and inks.During the years, I have tried hundreds of …

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Pilot Falcon Elabo SF

have taken for granted and find a new confidence in how you now feel and look at the core stuff. For me, I have been testing all kinds of pens and inks lately. Many cheap, but also many a bit more expansive, some from custom builders - so when I have gone back to brands I knew and loved and re-familiarize me with them, it is with a new found understanding and an understanding. Sometimes, getting a new pen - that is considered to be one of those classic ones can both be fun and sometimes it also makes you wonder, why oh why did I wait this long? The Pilot Falcon Elabo is just such a pen. Loved by many in the fountain pen sphere and also among many artists.

Moonman? MAJOHN? C3 Transparent Resin Fountain Pen, EF

So, the header is what the pen is named, but the roll stopper actually says MOONMAN. So, kid you not, it is a Moonman pen, but since Moonman and Kaweco had a bit of a spat, Kaweco signed the Moonman name so Moonman can't sell their pens under the brand Moonman - at least not in Europe and I guess US? Might even be international. Anyway, I will continue to call this a Moonman pen for the remainder of this review.

Maiora Impronte Posillipo Fountain pen, EF

While I was looking for another finish of the Impronte modell, this was on sale during the Autumn craziness of Fountain Pen Day, Black Week/Friday/Weekend/Cybermonday etc - so I decided that this was a bargain I couldn't resist. Rumors has it that Maiora will "inherit" the Omas brand and the rights to the designs etc. -which makes the brand an interesting one. Having one of the famous persons from Italian brands making the pens sure helps too. If you are interested in more facts however - you need to go searching online. I am not one of those that own Omas or have a personal contact with anyone - I just try the pens out of curiosity.

Diamine Inkvent #25 “All the Best” -End comments on the Inkvent 2021

We wrap up this Inkvent with number 25, a shimmer ink - again - in a velvety dark red with a hint of green sheen. One of the more Christmassy inks this time around. The entire Inkvent calendar has been a bit too much Shimmer and sheen for my own personal taste when it comes …

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