Inktober 2019, aftermath

To begin with, I want to tell you that these reflections are my own and most of the things I pay for by myself and my own money. If there is something sent to me, I will duly note that. Inktober - the inks DUring this inktober I managed to sample the below list. Now, …

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No1 – Berlin Notebook Blue ink by Viktor Walter

I have been one the lucky persons to test Berlin Notebook's first ink. It is a very colorful and strong blue ink. I received this for free with a notebook and this is my experience with the ink. First of all, I wanted to try this ink with an open mind. So, I took out …

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OPUS88 Fantasia (m)

The OPUS88 Fantasia is a smaller sized pen clearly made for easy to stove along on any journey. It is still an eyedropper pen (meaning you fill it with an eyedropper or a syringe and don't use either cartridge nor converter) with a valve to close the flow, should you wish to secure a minimum of spilling accidents. The Fantasia also have a slight change in appearance compared to the other pens.