NAMISU NAOS, fountain pen and roller-ball pen

When Namisu launched their latest Kickstarter campaign for their NAOS pen, I was at first mildly interested. When I saw that the pen could be both a fountain pen and with a conversion, you turned it into a roller-ball pen, my interest piqued a bit. "But anodized aluminum pens" I thought and groaned inside. I have too many already that I don't like using because the grips are not that good for me. I still ventured into the commentaries and saw that many shared this problem, so the grip became a sandblasted steel grip. That lead to me having a NAOS pen here, with the roller-ball conversion and a nice Bock nib.

IndiGraph fountain pen updated version 2020, comparison

New IndiGraph fountain pen upgrade is out on the market. I have the check list from the e-mail sent out to me to talk around as well as some visual and experience things I like to address. The same concept of the first pen is still solid and going in this pen. Let's begin though with the list of things they changed, and my reflections about that.